Our Winning Formula

By combining the three elements: Our Technology, Our Infrastructure and an Industry Expert Partner we, together, create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Business is tough at times, but it's also great fun. It's possible break down market barriers and shake things up a bit, but only with the right people and only with the right support and structure.

We love taking an existing marketplace and doing something unexpected with it - as long as it's better for the customer, and as long as it's fun!

Our Technology

Fast Development

Far more than any other application framework, TessChoob allows unprecidented speed of development, reducing time to market, and release iterations.

Trusted Security

The TessChoob security framework means that new projects are less likely to be released with potential security holes.

Ultimate Scaleability

Built from the ground, up to cope with massive user bases, and processing demands, the TessChoob framework allows for almost infinite scaleability.

Latest Web Technology

Whilst ensuring that our applications are cross-browser compatible, the TessChoob framework allows instant deployment of modern web tech like AJAX and COMET.

Case Studies

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